About Us

We are the Gonzales Family. We love to travel and recently decided that is what we would like to do with at least half of our time. We sold 85% of our posessions, sold our house, paid cash for a bumper pull travel trailer and truck, ignored the naysayers, and moved in. We hope this blog will be a fun way for you to follow our adventures and learn from our mistakes. We also hope it will inspire you to follow your dreams and teach you how to save a buck or two along the way.

Our tribe is a small one. We are close knit and love the company of one another. This lifestyle would be impossible otherwise. Mr. G writes for toolsandtoys.com as well as thesweetsetup.com. He loves to take pictures and laugh. Mrs. G is an Irish dance teacher and youth theater director. She is the director of Oklahoma Academy of Irish Dance as well as aistearirishdance.com and the creator of leapsandlaughs.com. She enjoys impromptu dance parties with her tiny family and saving money whenever possible. Little G is a 4 year old ball of energy. He loves cooking, science, cars, and Paw Patrol. His best friend is his stuffed kitty Hi-Fi who accompanies him on all his adventures. All the Gonzaleses (Gonzali?) love coffee and we make a point of trying new coffee places wherever we visit.

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