Review: Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake

Our little tribe just returned from a three-week stint in Orlando, FL. It was a beautiful taste of what life might be like if we ever get to hit the road full time. Because we were able to stay much longer than we have in the past, we were really able to settle in and get into a routine.

We absolutely adored everything about this trip, and it really got us motivated to increase our online revenue streams so we can travel more often and more freely.

While in Orlando we stayed at Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake. Had we been members of Thousand Trails, we would have chosen to stay at Thousand Trails Orlando. However, because we are currently spending the majority of our time in Oklahoma, it doesn’t make sense for us to invest in a Thousand Trails membership just yet. So, while we did visit Thousand Trails Orlando (for business reasons), and though we loved what we saw there, we ended up staying in Bill Frederick Park but did not regret it.

We chose this park based on two things: Price and location. If you want to stay in Florida in the winter time, it can be difficult finding a place to stay for a reasonable price. When I heard about Bill Frederick Park — and their $15/night winter rates — I was immediately intrigued.

After reading the few reviews I could find and figuring out the park’s location, I decided to book a spot. I called in October and was fortunate enough to book the last spot available during the duration of our trip. I highly recommend calling early if you ever wish to stay there during the winter months.

The RV park is a bit strange in that it is a tiny section of an enormous city park set aside for RVs. We arrived after dark, and after the park’s closing time. Since the park is gated, we had to call before closing in order to get a gate code. I was glad I read reviews before booking, otherwise I would not have known this, and we would’ve been locked out of the park for the night.

When we pulled in we had to drive to the very back corner of the park to reach the RV section. It felt very strange the first time we drove it, and we were unsure of where we were going. We got used to the drive though, and by the time we left, thought nothing of it.

Spot #13 was reserved for us. We had to back in, which was a first for us. Mr. G did a spectacular job though, and we were in our spot and hooked up with enough time to visit the nearby Steak n’ Shake for dinner and get some groceries before bed.

We were told by an employee that all sites in this park are back-ins. Our site, along with most others, had only water and electric hook-ups — no sewer hook up. The few sites that do include a sewer hook-up cost a bit more per night, so consider that when booking. We made our tanks last the entire three weeks by showering in the bath house, using disposable dishes, washing the few real dishes we did use in a tub with biodegradable soap which we dumped outside, and using the toilets in the bath house as much as possible.

The bath house was obviously old, but everything worked and I am pretty sure it was cleaned daily. The hot water tanks were lacking though, and it was hard to get even one good, hot shower. There were no paper towels in the restrooms, only hand dryers, so if you like paper towels, you might consider bringing some of your own. Overall I would say the bath houses were basic, but acceptable enough.

There was a small laundry room with 4 washers and 4 dryers. The cost to wash was $1.25, while the cost to dry was $1.00. The dryers actually ran for a good 45-60 minutes, and I only ever had to re-dry one load that was especially large. There was a convenient change machine available in the laundry room, and they even had a neat little book exchange shelf above the washers.

The water at the campground was not very tasty,. Luckily there was a drink machine with bottles of water available near the laundry room. I was especially thankful for this one thirsty night after a long day at Disney.

There is a pool at this campground, as well as a lake for fishing. We used neither of these, but the lake was very pretty to look at. I heard that the pool had very limited hours during the winter, so be sure to check into that beforehand if you plan on swimming. The playground is large and pretty fun for little ones. I think there is also a petting zoo and nature trail somewhere on the property, but we ran out of time to see them.

Overall I give this park 4 out of 5 stars. The trees and nature in the park are gorgeous. The sites were fairly large, but backing in was a bit difficult for newbies. The water is gross, though that is easily remedied. The laundry room is convenient. The restrooms are clean, but could use some updates, especially better hot water heaters. We would definitely visit again in the future, and will recommend it to friends.

If you have questions about Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake, please comment below. I would be happy to try to answer them from my experience.


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