Cardboard Kitchen


Little G. adores all things cooking. He spends hours in the kitchen with his great grandma whipping up delicious foods and tasty treats. He even taught himself how to properly crack an egg. He can follow the instructions on the back of a cake mix box fairly well based on the pictures alone. Little G. is only four-years-old, but he definitely shows talent and interest in the cooking arena.

For obvious reasons, Little G. received an awesome, red, wooden toy kitchen for his third Christmas. When we moved into our tiny, 216 square ft trailer we had to give his treasured kitchen away. After several weeks with no stove or oven in which to cook his pretend feasts, Little G. and I finally came up with a solution. With only a box, a bit of hot glue, some left over paint, some plastic knives, a couple of push pins, and some caps from a few sample bottles of shampoo, we created a brilliant masterpiece, worthy of even the finest of kitchens.

I have attached a picture, and I encourage you all to take a look and get to work making one for your young chefs. The kitchen is small enough to fit in his bottom bunk “play room”, and light enough that it doesn’t add any noticeable weight to the trailer. It was also free, and will be easy to get rid of if and when Little G. decides he is finished with it.

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