Yes, We Do Live In a Trailer

Yes, we do live in a travel trailer. While we do save a ton of money doing this, we do not do it because we are “poor”. Although I’m sure we would be considered poor by many people, I do not consider that to be the case at all. We could have just as easily stayed in our little house in our quiet neighborhood with our regular jobs and lived out perfectly ordinary lives. So no, we do not live in our trailer because we are poor. We do it because we enjoy being free. Because the idea of waking up on any given day and deciding we want a new yard is so wonderful. Because we want to see everything we can while we can. And because yard work sucks and this way we don’t have to do it. The ability to pay all our bills with money left over working only 20 hours (or less) a week is a side benefit.

No, I don’t think my son is missing out. He is getting an opportunity to see our country and all it’s wonders at no cost to him. How many adults would complain about that? He is learning to think outside of the box society tries to cram everyone into. He is meeting new people all the time and learning how to make friends of all ages. He is learning how to be thrifty and how to use creative thinking to accomplish things. I guess he is missing out on learning how much yard work sucks, but hey you can’t win ’em all.

We also are not rich. We have a very modest income and have figured out how to live very comfortably for as little as $1200 a month including around $400 “fun money”. We could likely do it for less if times were hard enough. You can too. In this blog I will share what I have learned about living on a budget. I can only hope it will help someone feel as happy as I do.

Lastly, no, I do not feel deprived, and as far as I know neither do Mr. G or Little G. Quite the opposite in fact, I feel joyful and excited about life. Based on the attitudes of my family members I would say they likely agree with me. There is a certain feeling that comes with ridding yourself of accumulated junk and hours of pointless work at a desk job. A certain feeling of weightlessness as if you could just float off to any place that suits your fancy, which is exactly what we plan to do. The simplicity forced on you by living in a travel trailer is freeing, and the sense that adventure is waiting around every turn adds a zing to the freedom that is quite hard to describe, but absolutely addicting after the first taste.

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